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The Crew

Bryan Boone is a bud of mine and a hell of a comedic actor. He's the kinda of guy on set that is willing to do anything to make it happen.



Kristi Slager is one of those amazing actresses that will show up ready and willing to do crazy stuff and always be happy doing it. Plus she's a great dancer. I've known and worked with Kristi for years, and hopefully years to come.


Ellie is a tremendously gifted character actress and an absolute joy to work with. My editor called her, "an editor's dream."



Known as "Top", Matt is a retired Master Sgt from the U.S. Marines. Now, he is a Tactical Advisor, and runs Sigloch Military Tactical and he's one hell of a nice man.

Mike Horton rocks! He and I used to be roomies. I miss that :(  He's a really funny dude, but also looks great with his shirt off. Ladies? Ladies?

A beautiful and talented actress, Michelle is another one of my long time friends in LA. She's actually from LA. Go Figure!!!

Lance Peterman = MIKE HORTON

Director Day One = BRIAN PRESCOTT

One of my absolutely favorite people. He got married to a wonderful woman and procreated. You know those people who you know will be a good mom and dad? Well, he is one of them. We also did Tootsie and Stripes together in acting class. FUNNY!


Another amazing man. He'll give you the shirt off his back, literally, for a laugh. Coogan is also the great nephew of Jackie Coogan, it's the kid from The Coogan Law, the law none of us know anything about.


Named from that guy in that Warrior movie (Just Kidding) Tommy is a great friend of mine. He also runs Sigloch Military Tactical with Matt. He's dealing with "cat" issues so watch out!


A tremendously talented actor, Terrence and I met while performing TRACERS over at the USVAA. He used to be a tanker and he's 6'2, not a good combo.

Natahsa = MEAGHAN "The Meghan" ASHLEY

AN ABSOLUTE LIFE SAVER. Meghan replaced another actress right before we started shooting. I've known her for years, and she came in and kicked ass! THANK YOU!!

Blonde in Blue Dress = ANGELIQUE GIANTONIO

Ange and I worked together for YEARS. We hikeD Runyon all the time. She's from Boston, and when I say that she is from Boston, this girl is FROM BOSTON.

First AD - Day 1 = DIANNA WILSON

Dianna and I met while participating in the WGA's Veteran's Writing Workshop. Watch out or she'll tell you about Desperate Housewives!! :) A talented actress, she is also the AD on this WHOLE project!

Air Ram Runner = KYLE WEISHAAR

Kyle is a full on professional stunt man with huge credits to his name. A hell of a great dude, he's also the Stunt Coordinator on this project!!

Crafty Girl = NIKKI CASTER

Another lightning in a bottle find, Nikki is going out with a friend of mine and offered to help out. She did more than that, and brought a great energy and more to a scene than I even had in mind.


A victim of the editor, Melissa was left out of the show. But she is a joy to work with and a pro through and through!


Another helper who got more than she bargained for, Elizabeth ended up being thrust into different role, and rocked!

DP =

Ben Solovey

Ben is a one man shooting machine. We had worked together before on Project 12 and there was no other person I trusted to get the job done.

AD =

Dianna Wilson

As I said before... AWESOME!

Sound =

Rob Filios

A great dude and a great friend, Rob is not only an awesome sound guy but also a great director in his own right. Love this dude! Anytime anywhere!

Stunt Coodinator =

Kyle Weishaar

As I said before, just an awesome dude. And without him, there would be no Fall Dude. Believe that!

Make-up =

Amber Hickman

The youngster of the group, Amber was a joy to work with. Funny story, a dude I went to HS with teaches Theater and recommended her, HA!

The Producers

Exec Producer =

Gary Ambrosia

One of my best friends. Gary and I will always work together. Looking forward to new adventures brother!


Emily McGuiness

Details, details, and details. Keeping everything running smoothly and taking care of all. THANKS!!!!

Special Thanks

Bryan Forrest

Anthony Martins

Zedric Harris

and The Highland House

2nd AD =

Neil Arnote

Neil isn't only a name but a verb. Neil is a huge asset on set and helped out doing everything and everything. Plus, every production should have a GIANT GINGER running around. 


I am Dan Bridges!!! I wrote/directed and starred in this thing. I flew through the air, got beat up by a girl, AND lit on fire. But at least I didn't put myself on an apple box!!!

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